These online storytelling tools are designed to put a map in its given context and provide viewers with all the supporting information they need. This makes StoryMaps incredible, stand-alone resources! Viewers are presented with interactive maps alongside legends, images and text, all in a linear web page for you to scroll and unlock the story.

We created our own StoryMaps that explore topics related to bird migration, such as:

  • Why do birds migrate?
  • Where do birds migrate?
  • How has migration changed over time because of human impacts?
  • What challenges do humans need to help birds overcome on their migrations?


If you’re new to StoryMaps, watch this video to learn how to navigate and interact with the content

Music: Found You – Atch

Ready for your virtual field trip?

The StoryMaps are available in two ways:


This photo links directly to the collection to present the Project StoryMap and seven Species StoryMaps in order to tell the full AMASS narrative

Individual StoryMaps:

These links direct to each of the StoryMaps, with the first being the overall Project StoryMap and subsequent seven Species StoryMaps, to allow viewers to skip to the story or species of their choice